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Playing with thought-provoking content that draws influence from eroticism, cultural identity and social perceptions to create surreal artworks.

Afternoon tea- Biro on paper
Inspired by the term bone china and pushing the idea of the ‘bone’ phrasing into the realms of eroticism.

Carpet Cleaner - Biro on paper
Playing with dark humour and sex to juxtapose the meaning of a carpet cleaner.  .

A tall drink of water - Biro on paper
A celebration of the power and beauty of how we all arrive in this world and how we need the simple of element of water to help survive it.

Silent Scream
Is a response to how overwhelming it can feel living with mental health difficulties – the inner monologue can sometimes be suffocating and hard to navigate – which is expressed with a silent scream and a longing to escape your thoughts.

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